"Clip to DT" thinks this Mac is NOT a Mac!

“Clip to DT” error message that it works only on a Mac, but shown below, this computer is indeed a Mac.

ALL other extensions in the browser disabled:
Only active extension is “Clip to DT”.

(Main DT appliction and Sorter working smoothly.)

What to do? Where to look?

In what browser?

In Waterfox, a Firefox fork that you’ve already told me you don’t support.

The question is WHERE, exactly, does “Clip To” see that my Mac is not a Mac?
Knowing that maybe can use “about:config” to change that parameter.

And yes, I’ve gone through all other extensions to see about that. There used to be something in UBlock or UMatrix, but I sure can’t find anything about that now. And with ALL other extensions disabled, “Clip To” still shows the same problem. That’s why I suspect “Clip To” is looking at a CONFIG parameter.

Thank you for any suggestions to try.

I downloaded Firefox and installed ClipToDevonThink.

ClipTo is the only add-in.

When click on the “green seashell+” icon nothing happens. Nothing at all.
In a fresh install of Firefox. On my Mac computer.


That’s showing Firefox 57.x and is downloading an update. I am seeing no issue with the current public version: 69.0.3

I’m very happy to know about your good fortune, and you haven’t done anything toward solving the problem.

Here are new instructions for you which may, perhaps, make some progress on this problem:

1 - Look at the source code for the “Clip To” browser extension. (If you don’t have permission to see source code, please put me in contact with someone who does.)

2 - Find the line or routine that generates the error message shown in the first post on this thread. The source code may read something like this paraphrase:

  • IF [record] OF [filename] DOES NOT CONTAIN “MAC OSX” THEN DISPLAY “error message”.

3 - Then post here the record, filename and contains parameter you find in the source code.

With that information perhaps I can uncover the problem. But merely a “no issue” comment helps not at all.

Thank you.