Clip to DTTG from Camera Roll not working

DTTG is allowed access to Photos in Settings and the “Clip to DT” icon is available via the “Share” icon.

Tapping on “Clip to DT” produces a new document within DTTG but it’s empty - no image is visible. File type is “Picture” but file size is zero bytes. Copy and pasting an image or creating a new document from Photo Library does work.

Any ideas?

Did this work previously?

This is the first time I’ve tried it from the Camera Roll/Photo Library.

Clipping a webpage does work.

The problem persists. DTTG updated today following yesterday’s release of latest version.

This affects both iPad and iPhone.

Bug report filed.

Ticket received and replied to. We will check and include a fix with the next maintenance release if possible.

For completeness - Clip to DEVONthink does not work with images in any image-creating app that opens the sharing extensions and offers the user to use the “Clip to DEVONthink” widget. If the widget is not going to work, it should probably be disabled in apps like TouchDraw, iDraw, Paper by 53, etc.

Thanks Eric & Korm.

Same problem here. I can’t send photos to DTTG with the “Clip to DevonThink” feature from the share menu using iPhone 6 / iOS 8.