Clip vs log-ins

I’m new to DEVONthink. I’ve tried to figure this out myself but am getting nowhere. I use Firefox 3.6.13. I installed the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet but whenever I attempt to clip something from a site - eg. FT, New York Times - that requires registration, the DEVONthink version of the page reverts to the log-in page. I’ve tried clipping as HTML, Webarchive and PDF: Same thing.

I tried to install the Firefox add-on but was only ever getting a binary file that couldn’t find an application to open itself with.

Am I doing something dumb? Is there a way around this that doesn’t involve me switching to Safari?

Any help much appreciated.

Switching to Safari will probably not make a difference-it is an issue with the New York Times site. Search for ‘New York Times’ here and you will find multiple threads on the topic.

Thanks and apologies; I should have searched before asking.

I think the problem is that DT wants to fetch the page again, but to the web site it appears as another browser which is not yet authenticated.

Maybe some of the following could work:

  • open the NYT web site in the DT browser and login. Then browse with Firefox and clip interesting pages. This will only work if NYT allows you to be logged in twice. If not:

  • First, browse with Firefox and save just the URLs of the pages to DT. Then, log into NYT with the DT browser and capture these pages. I guess a script could do that nicely.

  • print the page as pdf directly from Firefox to the DT inbox (i.e. don’t use the bookmarklets but the file->print menu).

  • select and drag text passages from Firefox to DT.

I keep a DTPO bookmark handy to the NYTimes home page, and browse from that starting point - in cases where I want a webarchive, or clip text.

I am a DT Personal user and like the product. My first post and i’m whining.

The NY Times issue is a bug that may cause me to return to Evernote, which has no such issues with the NY Times or with online bank sites. It is not just the NY Times; i’ve encountered the problem at other web sites as well, including Google Maps directions.
I use DT primarily as a web clipper to collect research. It is extremely problematic for me that I can’t trust the DT tool bar button [bookmarklet] in Safari. I do not want to remember that the bookmarklet does not work for a few web sites and then remember to save as pdf and then select Devonthink.

The issue has been around since October 2010. I do not understand why Devon Technologies has not fixed the issue.

I’ve been experiencing a slightly different version of this. In a nutshell, when I browse pages at many sites (not just NYT), after using the bookmarklet 1.1 the capture pop-up window from the bookmarklet opens for EVERY page I visit at these sites. But it doesn’t happen all the time. After restarting the computer, it doesn’t happen. I’m not sure what’s going on. It never happens when I use Chrome. The bookmarklet starting up on opening a new webpage is not always a problem, but when it happens it ALWAYS happens in Safari.

I don’t know much about these things, but reading posts led me to check the Safari extensions. I have Clip to Devonthink 1.1 installed and enabled and the modifier is shift-command-c.

It seems like there are many problems with the bookmarklet over the last 6 months, but I can’t find a single clear solution.

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem?


Clipping selected text/images as a rich text note from Safari can be done by a press of “Command-)”.

That’s my normal procedure. (But Firefox can’t do this.) it works for any site and is quick and easy.

That can be paired with Safari’s Reader feature, especially for multipage articles. Let Reader prepare the reformatted panel, press “Command-A” to select it, then “Command-)” to capture the article.

My apologies for bringing back such an old topic (from 2011??? Wow), but this seems to be an “issue” still.

For a web site that requires a login, is it possible to capture the web page rather than using the System dialog and selecting “Save PDF to DEVONthinkPro”? It would be great to have the bookmarklet retain all the information that goes along with the web page (URL, web links, etc.) in its resulting PDF inside DEVONthink.

Perhaps there would be a way to pass the login information to the bookmarklet itself? (e.g. hard code it into the script?)

Thanks in advance,


Cookies aren’t shared between applications. Try logging into the site in DEVONthink then trying the capture.

Perfect. Yes this worked by using the internal browser through DEVONagent Pro. I still wish the bookmarklets worked (so as to use the browser features) but this works just fine for capturing into DT.

Thanks for the help.


You’re welcome. :smiley:

Here’s the problem… logging into the site in DTP still does not work if you select “Use clutter-free layout” in the browser’s clip tool (and I go clutter-free 99.8% of the time). If that option is unchecked, then logging into DTP works. This seems like a bug.

What is “the site” ?

PS: Sites employ their own authentication methods and clipping cannot account for all of them.