Clipboard Not Working

Hello, is anyone having a problew with entering information into the database with cut and paste from other applications? My DT was working fine, I could use the services menu or use the clipboard. Both are not working for adding info to my DT. The clipboard menu is dimmed out. I trashed preferences hoping this would work. No solution yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did swith to ICeCoffEE 1.4.3 and everything was fine. I thought this was better than HotServices.

By ‘clipboard menu’ do you mean that Data > New > With Clipboard is grayed out? Or that Edit > Paste is grayed out?

If it’s grayed out, the clipboard is empty. Return to the application in which you were trying to do a copy to clipboard. Select some text and go the the Edit menu. Is the Copy menu grayed out?

That could be the case, for example, if you are trying to copy text from an encrypted (copy-protected) PDF file.

Otherwise, I don’t think it’s a DT problem. Perhaps your operating system needs maintenance.

Hello Bill, appreciate your reply. I have used DT for a few weeks and could always paste in from the data window using paste from clipboard. I took your suggestion and looked under the edit window after copying some siimple text in an e-mail. The window is still dimmed in DT. I opened a new plain text document in DT and the paste command is still dimmed.

To make sure I was on the right track, I created a new document in TextEdit and the paste command worked fine. All other programs use paste command without problems.

I am using a new Mac Pro and perhaps the Intel Processor causes a glitch. I have been able to use services, cut and paste, etc. Shouldn’t I be able to create a new document with CMD N which is normal for new text with clipboard? This has worked fine in the past. So Data > New > With Clipboard is greayed out. This seems to be the problem.

Also, in the past when I wanted to take content from my Mail program, I used Services and selected frrom several options to get Rich Text, Plain Text, Append, Take Plain Note or Take Rich Note.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. [/url]

I don’t think it’s an Intel Mac glitch, as I’ve got a MacBook Pro and no clipboard problems.

Remember that old first response whenever flaky behavior is encountered: restart the computer to clear out cobwebs in memory.

If that doesn’t work, call up Disk Utility and run permissions repair and disk verify. And perhaps another utility such as AppleJack (which now works on Intel Macs) and/or OnyX or similar utility. My old standby, DiskWarrior is now available for Intel Macs and I’ve ordered but not yet received it. DW is the best disk directory maintenance tool I’ve ever used.

BTW, when I got my MacBook Pro I avoided using Migration Assistant to transfer data from my Power Mac. Some of those old drivers and plugins that didn’t cause PPC problems get troublesome on Intel Macs.

Thanks Bill for your reply. I will let you know how I solve the problem. I may have to re-install DT. Your comments are welcome and appreciate you taking the time for suggestions.

Personally, I’ve never had or seen a problem that was solved by reinstalling DT Pro. I once had a corrupted permissions file, but it’s a lot quicker to delete permissions files than to reinstall the application.

I will run a Safe Reboot and then do some permissions repair tonight. I will let you know what fixes the problem. I will eventually get to the bottom of the problem. Thanks so much for your suggestions. Appreciate it.

Hello Bill, well I did take your suggestion, rebooted and repaired permissions and presto, my DT works fine.

I bought my first Mac in 1990 and it’s been a great “love affair” ever since. I should have performed the basic maintenance. But this was a good lesson from you . . . don’t forget the tried and true methods first.

Thanks for reminding me!