Clipping a text selection from Safari

Using OSX 10.8.5, Safari 6.05 and Clip to DPO 1.2.2
Selecting a text in a web page and clicking on the WebClip-button, the clip-window appear and in the Note-area the selected text appears. I select Format = Rick Text and press Clip. The result in DPO is some sort of web page and the selected text has been moved to the entry’s Spotlight-comment field. I find this very odd.
Instead using the Services-meny, selecting DPO: Take Rich Note creates the note in DPO the way I expected it.
Question: Have I a weird setup somewhere that causing the text to be moved to Spotlight Commnts-field?

If you select text on the page and use Clip to DEVONthink, the selected text will be placed in the Spotlight Comments field of the captured document. Obviously, the smallest capture if this is what is desired would be to capture as Bookmark.

My preferred capture mode is almost always a rich text capture of a selected area of a page, as there are benefits in excluding extraneous material on the page such as ads and other images that bulk the storage size, and—more importantly—the efficiency of searches and the artificial intelligence assistants is improved if non-relevant text is excluded from the capture.

Rich text captures include formatted text, images, links and tables included in the selected area.

The most efficient way to capture a selected area as rich text is to use the Service for that purpose, with the keyboard shortcut “Command-)”.

But browsers such as Firefox and Chrome don’t handle that Service, so I don’t use them for captures. Safari, DEVONagent Pro and the DEVONagent browser do handle the rich text Service properly.

Ok, understand. Thank you very much.