Clipping from Safari crashes Devonthink

When I clip from Safari, using the toolbar icon, DT crashes. Latest versions of Safari and DT and using Lion. This is not a problem when I use Devonagent Pro.
Is this a known bug?
When I updated DT (few days ago) and installed it, I had the add-ins for various browsers also installed, so I think they are also up-to-date.


Although not everyone running under Lion sees crashes of the DEVONthink application when running Clip to DEVONthink in Safari or Firefox, the extension does cause crashes on my Mac.

Remember, though, that the DEVONthink applications provide multiple means of capturing data from the Web, in addition to the extension.

I don’t capture entire Web pages, as I want to exclude extraneous content in order both to improve the focus of searches and the AI assistants (Classify and See Also) and to save file storage space.

My own favorite capture mode is as rich text of a selected portion of the page (the portion that contains the text, images and links in the article I want to capture). After making the selection, press ‘Command-)’ to capture it. (Note: as this is a Service command, it works in Safari, DEVONagent and the DEVONthink browser, but not in Firefox, Camino or Chrome - which are not compatible with this OS X Service).

Sometimes, in order to preserve special formatting within a selection, I will use the command ‘Command-%’ instead, to capture as WebArchive. (The same note as above applies.)

An entire page can be captured as PDF in any browser by pressing ‘Command-P’ to invoke the Print dialog. Then press the PDF button, and choose the option to Save as PDF to DEVONthink.

Glad to see that I’m not the only person experiencing the crashing! I hope for a solution soon.

Add me to the list as well. I’m gonna email support and see what they can tell me.

So, has anyone found a way to resolve this? Clip to PDF still crashes for me every time, whether I select single page or paginated. The response from DEVONthink was, basically, “we’ll look into it,” but that was weeks ago and still no fix. I know there are workarounds, but I really want to be able to clip to PDF, since that is what I am used to.

I’m having it too. This is a step back in functionality – pace Professor DeVille – and I hope the DTech chaps solve it very soon. Clip to PDF is crucial in my workflow.

The “dot zero” version of an operating system upgrade can be something of an adventure, both for developers and application users.

There are bugs in Lion’s WebKit and PDFKit code, some of which have been around for a long time, and some of which are new. There are also some apparently intended behavior changes in Lion for actions such as Print as PDF, which can sometimes exclude page content extraneous to a desired article (whether or not that’s what the user wants), but which are currently a bit buggy in the successful retention of links within the article.

Some of the new bugs in Lion are causing Clip to DEVONthink to crash the DEVONthink application. It takes time to identify the code issues, write code to fix the issues and test it before release.

But the hit or miss behavior of link retention in PDFs created from Web data in Lion may not be something that DEVONtechnologies can solve. That will require action by Apple, as it happens whenever PDFs are created by ‘printing’ them, whether to be sent to DEVONthink or not.

It is possible to capture non-paginated PDFs in DEVONagent Pro 3.0, although the problem of hit or miss capture of links also shows up in those PDFs.

Bottom line: If you are capturing Web data in which retention of links in the captured content is important, I can’t recommend PDF captures at this time, and it’s likely that the problem of reliable retention of links in captured content will await a future update of OS X 10.7.

In my tests, links are reliably retained in captures as rich text or WebArchive.

Thanks for the frank and honest reply.