Clipping from Safari to DTTG 3

I’m in the process of maybe/probably switching from Evernote to DT. A big downside with DTTG is the inability to clip links from Safari directly to a specific group — they all go to the database Inbox from which i have to later sort. This is a very unwanted extra step.
I assume I’m not alone.
I HOPE this is high on the list of new features?

(Even better would be maybe there’s some trick or setting I don’t know about)


This has been discussed on the forums before. The request is noted but it is no simple thing to implement, especially given the need to have it work on smaller form factor iOS devices, i.e., iPhones. The experience and UI on iOS is very different from macOS’ with an application like DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.

My workaround for this is to tag the clippings and use a smart rule on the Mac to move them where I need them to go.

It’s not perfect (needs DT running on the Mac and syncing, the rule has to be edited for each new tag), but it helps somewhat

Oh thanks! Smart rules is something I still need to learn. This is helpful.