Clipping pdf from Firefox for urls with spaces

Clipping a pdf to DT using the Firefox bookmarklet “PDF (paginaged)” does not work when the url contains spaces. If you then try to view it in DT, it cannot open the pdf.

To work around this, at first I saved the pdf locally, and then add the local file to DT. This became too annoying, so I tested the same thing in Safari - and it worked! To get it to work in Firefox, a little hack of the “PDF (paginated)” bookmarklet script for firefox solved the problem.

  1. Right-click on the bookmarklet.
  2. Select “properties”
  3. Modify the text in the “location” field - replace “encodeURIComponent(window.location)” with “window.location”.

The following worked for me:


The latest extension for Firefox 4 should finally handle such URLs.

Running firefox 11 i have the problem with url’s that include spaces. They translate to empty archives and pdf, as indicate by dfoley.

I changed the bookmarklets as he indicated, at that works. Strangely enough I only have this problem since the most recent update of devonthink pro.

Could something be done about this ?