Clipping PDF pages from newspapers

Perhaps more a Mac than a DT question:

If I save a page from a newspaper to DT using the “Print” dialog box and don’t look closely to the preview, I end up with an DIN A4 cutout of the normally bigger page.

Is there a way to set up this so that DT clips the whole page?


What application are you printing from? Safari or other browser? If that application has a Printer Setup command in its menus, you should be able to change the “paper” size. Some applications support the same setting in their Print dialogs. The portion of a page and the page layout that printing produces is under the control of the source site’s designers. Sometimes using a different browser can help. Sometimes using the “Reader” view in Safari (when available) can help. Sometimes using the DEVONthink clipper extension and checking the “Instapaper” option that produces a “simplified” (no ads) output helps. Another option is to clip the page to DEVONthink as a web archive and then convert it to PDF from inside DEVONthink.

Unfortunately, with printing, sometimes you need to try a variety of techniques for some sites.

I can also download them as PDFs.

If I do and open those PDFs in Skim is there an easy way to extract one page or a range of pages w/o using the “Print” dialog?

In Skim, I believe you can only drag one page at a time from the thumbnail bar to another destination – like drag to Finder. In Preview you can select multiple pages and drag copies to Finder or elsewhere. You can do the same in DEVONthink.

Just a quick update and another question on clipping content from PDF newspapers into DevonThink:

  1. I managed to get (consecutive ranges of) pages to DT by dragging them from Preview to the sorter.

  2. If I like just a part of a PDF page I select a rectangle in Preview, do CMD+C, go to DT and do CMD+N to create a new document from the clipboard, BUT it’s just a TIFF image with no text. Of course, I can OCR it afterwards but this feels awkward.

Question: Is there a way import the whole page into DT and then select the part of it to keep and crop it to that? Didn’t find a function to do this yet.

No, there is no built-in crop function in DEVONthink.

As Jim said, no. I usually keep Preview defined as the default program for PDFs and if I want to crop a page I open the document in Preview using ⇧⌘O (Open With > Default Program), do the crop, save it with ⌘S, and close Preview. DEVONthink reflects the update. This takes no more time than if DEVONthink had the crop tool itself.

Thanks Jim and Korm. Tried to follow your advice:

Making Preview the default PDF app (again).

Do Shift+CMD+O to open the PDF.

Crop it using CMD+K, or Option+CMD+K - makes no difference.

Save the file in Preview.

Go back to DT … Nothing changed.

Did I miss a step here?

Works here.

Don’t forget, in Preview after you select the portion of the page to crop, you have to press the “Crop” button – and then save.