Clipping to .markdown/.md

Hello everyone

When I clip a website on IOS as markdown the file extension is .markdown. Can I change that to .md in DTTG?

No, it’s not possible to change extensions in DEVONthink To Go.
.markdown is a valid extension.
Are you having a specific issue with this?

Development would have to assess saving to .md instead.

The reason is that I use it to clip to Obsidian, but Obsidian only recognize the .md extension

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I would contact the Obsidian developers as .md isn’t the only valid extension.
.markdown and .mmd are also relatively common.


I agree. Thank you for the quick assistence!

You’re welcome.
Let us know if they decide to implement it. :slight_smile:

Sure, will do!

We will also change the default extension used by DEVONthink To Go to .md, not in the next maintenance update but one later.


I don’t use it now but a while ago I created an ios shortcut to save a webpage as a .md file and save it to a particular Dropbox location. I’ve just revisited it and instead of automatically saving, it can instead display the sharesheet to allow devonthink to be selected, and the result does appear to be a md file and not a markdown file.

So maybe that’s an option?

My ios shortcut also asks me to input why I’ve saved it, which was really useful when I came back to review it.

Changed the default extension for web pages clipped as Markdown to .md for version 3.1.7.