Clipping using Share Sheet in iOS – no content added to DTTG


I’m experimenting with DT/DTTG as my reference database. One content source for me is the RSS service Inoreader, which I mostly use on iOS. When I find something I want to save for later, I want to use iOS’ Share Sheet to add it to DTTG. But when I do, only the title ends up in the resulting entry in DT, not the blog post’s full content.

Am I doing something wrong or is this they way things are supposed to work?


DEVONthink To Go takes whatever the originating app presents. Does it work better when you share to other apps, e.g. Notes?

No. The same content no matter how I share. So what I have to do is to ask Inoreader’s developers to include the body and not just the title when using the share sheet?

One trick that works with Inoreader is to switch to the in-app Safari viewer. If you do a pull-up gesture on an article, it will open in a Safari viewer. The “Clip to DEVONthink” extension in the share sheet of the Safari viewer works just as it does in Safari. For me, the share extension is a little wonky–sometimes it won’t allow me to save an article as a web archive–but I just convert it later.