Clipping webpages behind paywall

Has there been a solution to the problem of clipping web pages behind a paywall? When I clip newspapers and magazines all I get is the sign in page. How does Evernote get around this and not DTPro? Is there a quick workaround?

The Clip to DEVONthink browser extension requires reloading the page via Webkit. As you discovered, on ‘paywall’ sites and on secure sites such as your bank’s online site you will capture only the login page.

If you use a fully Services-compliant Web browser such as Safari, DEVONagent Pro or DEVONthink’s built-in Web browser, the Services to capture a selected area of the Web page (selection made in whole or in part of the page) as rich text using the command “Command-)” or as WebArchive “Command-%” will capture the clipping. (Those Services do not work in Firefox or Chrome.)

The command to capture the page as PDF by invoking “Command-P” to bring up the Print dialog, then clicking the PDF button and selecting the option to capture to DEVONthink will work in all Web browsers.

Typically, I’m not concerned with the layout of an entire Web page. I’m only interested in capturing that portion of the page that contains information of interest to me.

Many pages contain images and/or text that’s unrelated to the information I want to capture. Excluding extraneous content will improve the effectiveness of searches and of the artificial intelligence assistants such as Classify and See Also. In addition, the file size of the capture will be reduced (in many cases, by one or more orders of magnitude).