Clipping Websites from Windows Firefox via Plugin

I would like to have a link between Firefox on a Windows PC an my NextCloud/WebDAV hosted database. This is the database I am are using for keeping synchronized DTTG on my iPhone and DT3 on my Mac. Could I use the Devonthink Firefox Plugin for that purpose? With other words: Does the plugin directly clip websites into the WebDAV hosted database?

If not: Is there a workarround to do so?

The browser extensions don’t clip anything on their own, the clipping is done by DEVONthink and therefore this isn’t possible. What exactly is stored on WebDAV - sync stores (extension .dtCloud) or databases (extension .dtBase2)?

.dtCloud is stored on WebDAV.

This is only used for synchronizing but not the actual database and can’t be used by the browser extension. One workaround might be to save bookmarks (e.g. .url files) of the websites in a cloud folder (e.g. Dropbox) and to index this folder on the Mac to a database. Smart rules could then convert the bookmarks to other formats.