Clipping with Rich Text

I find that for my purposes, the regular dekstop version of DEVONthink Pro does the best balance in capturing well-formatted text, images, elimination of extraneous text, and manageable file size when using the “Rich Text option”. Unfortunately, the “Rich Text” option isn’t available on the To Go version.

Will this option be offered at some point? I think bookmark, webarchive, and mark-up is about the only available options on DTTG. Webarchive does a good job of capturing well-formatted text, images, etc., but is generally too large. This means that more often than not when I find something I like to clip to my DEVONthink database, I turn on my laptop to do that rather than do it right from the iPad or iPhone.

Sounds like a smart thing to do :mrgreen: Just kidding!

Remember that Rich Text is not mobile-native so extra development is required to make it work on iOS. Text editing is high on our priority list for future releases, so this may indeed be a future enhancement as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks, Bluefrog! Good to know.

By the way, could you point me to some information about the Markdown format that DT Pro offers? I’m not sure I’ve fully understood the utility of that format.


Currently, DEVONthink supports MultiMarkdown 5. You can read more here:

In general, the features of John Gruber’s original work also apply:

(The current version is 6, supporting some “advanced” features that are less likely to be used daily. Future versions will use 6 though.)

Thanks for the quick reply. I was going to edit my previous request to also include “What’s formatted note and how’s that different from Rich Text” but had an impromptu meeting so I couldn’t edit it. :slight_smile:

So, what’s formatted note? :slight_smile:

It’s similar to formats used by Evernote and OneNote.
For a more thorough answer (and preemptively answering future questions :smiley: ), check out the manual ( … nuals.html), starting on page 74.

Excellent! :wink:

Oh…another question . . . .


:laughing: :mrgreen: