Clipping without mousing?

I find my webpage clipping workflow being hindered by having the clipping process regulated to the user’s use of the mouse to file the clipping into the main group by way of the mouse.

For example, when I have a webpage I want to clip to 3 different groups, I can easily get the clipped webpage to group 2 and group 3 by way of entering tags in the tag list field. (very cool, good work flow). However, in order to get the same webpage to the group 1, I find my self constrained to having to mouse through the database’s hierarchy to put the clipped webpage into group 1. (bad workflow, big data base, lots of folder hierarchy)

Background : 54,000± items, 10,000± groups; established 19 years ago prior to move to DT; subject of database = food & all other ag systems; I find I’m clipping in the order of 200 to 250 or so web pages per week.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to, without using a mouse, get a clipped webpage into its prospective groups without having to use a mouse and without creating a catch all group that acts as a static ‘group 1’?

Or if I develop a ‘static group 1’ to catch all the clipped webpages, and then assign tags to the clipped webpage, thereby improving my web clipping workflow by avoiding the mousing around I’m doing now, what’s the implication?

Is it no big deal to have a ‘static group 1’ whose only use is to speed my workflow? Is that good database protocol? Or am I creating a jam for myself. For example, what happens to all the tagged entries if ‘static group 1’ was ever deleted? Do the other tagged entries remain?

Any help is gratefully appreciated.

You couldn’t use tagging for “group 1” because … ?

A way in the browser? Or, a way in DEVONthink? Something like Keyboard Maestro, QuickKeys, or Alfred might be useful.

Obvious implication is that “group 1” is going to get very large very soon. If you assign a document to “group 1” then tag it “group 2” and “group 3” you’ll have three replicants – the same document indicated in three locations. Change one instance and they all change. Delete one instance (say, the “group 1” instance) and the other two remain.

You have “10,000+” groups and have fine tuned that hierarchy for 19 years, so you might indeed be “creating a jam for [your]self” by making “group 1” a catch-all dumping group without frequently emptying it out.

I assume you know that the DEVONthink clipper can have a keyboard shortcut, btw?

redundancy. Manually traversing the database’s group hierarchy to put the clipping into the main (group 1) group would be double work. Would it not?

A way in DEVONthink. That is, once the clipping has been clipped and moved from the browser (safari) to DEVONthink with the DT HUD being displayed and waiting for action. What I seek is a way to at this spot in the workflow place the clipping into its main group (group 1) and tag it with its related groups (group 2, group 3, etc.). Then hit command + save and be done.

True the tools you mention could be fit. Before I go there, I’m making sure DT can’t do what I want it to do. It’s often the case I don’t initially see the many alternative ways to accomplish my goal in DT.

I can handle trashing all group 1 docs, say on a weekly basis, etc. Thanks for confirming that if I trash the group 1 docs, the other replicants stay in their prospective place. I liked the way you differentiated the way DT handles changes vs. the way DT handles deletions. Thanks. So in affect, I’m just deleting one replicant and in doing so the other replicants are not deleted.

How true. As crazy as this sounds, I like to limit the number of apps/extensions etc. running on my computer. The less I have, the less I have to worry / to do with update syncing across the many apps/extensions.

Thanks for the reminder. I do use the shortcut frequently. I enjoy it very much. There are times when the keyboard shortcut is unable to clip the webpage, while the mouse based shortcut by way of the devonthink icon in the toolbar is able to clip the webpage. For example, … d/2157529/ and all things /

So, then, here’s a possible mouse-less clipping method:

The setup: the DEVONthink clipper is primed to clip to the inbox of your database and the “format” is chosen. And the inbox for that database has the focus in three-page view in DEVONthink. The target groups for replicants are already defined in the database.

  1. Clip to your inbox using the clipper keyboard shortcut; press return to close the clipper and clip
  2. Command-tab over to DEVONthink and the file list in the inbox, navigate up/down with the arrow keys
  3. With a document selected, press control-return to navigate to the tab bar
  4. Enter tags (group tags) for the groups where you want to place replicants of the selected document.
  5. When you are finished with tag entry, control-tab (twice) to get back to the document in the document list
  6. (Optional) command-delete (or command-backspace on some keyboards) to move the Inbox instance of the document to the trash


This is what I was seeking. Thank you for your time and attention.