clippings from email now have black background

All of a sudden, when I highlight parts of an email and save it to DTPro Office as rich text, it comes in with a black background.

I can “fix” it by converting to plain text, but occasionally lose colored text emphasis, colored quotation signifier, etc.

There must be some sort of template governing email imports that I can change but I cannot find it.

Similar clippings from non-email sources are not showing this problem.

Which version of OS X and Safari are you running? Sounds like this bug:

Mac OS X v10.5, 10.6: Mail messages generated by applications may have a black background after installing Safari 5 or Mac OS X v10.6.4

… which has been reported in at least:

“Send by Email” contextual menu command strangeness

… and fixed (at least for some people) by installing Safari 5.0.1. I hit it earlier today on a friend’s system running 10.4.6 and Safari 5.0; it was gone (in the context it appeared) after installing Safari 5.0.1.


Thank you very much! Upgrading from Safari 5.0 to 5.0.1 did it, no more black background.

I only clip to DTPro so I thought it was a DTPro problem.

Glad that resolved it for you. And for my friend, since it was disruptive to the simple method I was teaching him to scan and mail documents. :slight_smile: