ClipToDevonThink Safari Extension Doesn't Show Up In Safari

Safari 6.1
ClipToDevonThink 1.2.2
OS 10.8.5

The subject line says it all… I’ve been using the extension but I had to reinstall it today. Safari indicates that it is installed and enabled. I have restarted Safari and my Mac and still No Joy.

Is there a problem with the extension and the current version of Safari that I am unaware of? I’ve switched to the bookmarklet but I am curious as to why the extension has quit working…

Control-click your Safari toolbar and choose “Customize…” – if the DEVONthink icon is available, can you drag it to the toolbar and if so is it then active?

You wrote that “I had to reinstall it today” … why? What was wrong that led you to do that?

Thanks Korm- Your suggestion did the trick! I didn’t know about the Control-Click option…

I had two copies of the extension in the Safari extension folder. I thought that I had deleted the older extension but then no icon appeared in the toolbar. I decided to reinstall the extension so I would be certain it was the latest version.