Close to Giving Up

There’s only one thing I need from DevonThink pro - that it latches properly into the Mac’s filing system rather than requiring me to carry two file systems in my head. I gather it’s due in Version 2 but I’m beginning to keep the ambient temperature in Hell under close observation.

DT started out as research software for writers and scholars. Most of the early users created project folders and sub-folders, bringing together materials from various parts of the Finder to take on a new order, that of the project.

In some cases, DT served as an archive for primary and secondary documents, arranged in topical or chronological order. Many forum threads over the past few years have discussed other user strategies, which are as various as the user group itself.

Because DT’s search functions are superior to Spotlight, It’s tempting to ask DT to function as a substitute for other software, or as a clone of the Finder. As a writer, that’s not what I need at all.

It’s not clear from your post if you want advice, but you might get some if you’d describe what you’re trying to do and why you need DT to “latch properly” into the Mac filing system.

Version 2.0 will bring integration with Spotlight, but it will not be the type of Finder replacement you’re beginning to describe here. That was never the intention when we created DEVONthink.

BTW: Some people are discussing DEVONthink 2.0 here. Just a note: It’s still far, far away. The current schedule plans DEVONthink 2.0 for Winter, but we have neither fixed a release date nor is this the final word on the schedule. This heavily depends on the various other projects we have under development as well as the planned features and the difficulties we will face.