Closing a file

I would like a way to close a file or clear it from the main screen. Once I am done viewing, I’d prefer to not see it.


Just choose another one. There is no procedure for closing a document. See also the Mail app.

Thanks Eric, I think it would be good if you clear the screen. I opened DTTG in front of someone today and a file which they did not need to see was open. I could create a blank file and remember to open it but that’s not a great solution.

Also, not sure what you meant by see the Mail app.



I, too, would like to close a file and go back to a blank home screen.

I find continuing to display the last document opened distracting and annoying, especially when I want to shift mental gears. :neutral_face:

very interesting idea.

It seems there is a better solution than the top left back button or bottom left home. But because, Apple hasn’t come up with it yet, there are few examples of really amazing iOS UIs, and iOS itself is in its infancy (even more so than OS X of an infinite, it hasn’t even been a millenium, come on. :slight_smile: ), the DT guys haven’t been able to figure it out. Or haven’t yet asked themselves the question.

On an iPhone, the bottom toolbar seems more natural. On an iPad, maybe side toolbars perhaps like 1Password. iOS might do well with a combined title/status bar (with possibly the less frequently used toolbar buttons) and main buttons where they are most easily accessible with the least hand movement from holding.

The toolbar, bottom as it should be I think on an iPhone, currently has home, mail, send do in the document opened toolbar. Are really those the things most used?

Home. I’m not sure. most of time time, even in DT, I go back to somewhere else in the current database.

location, why can’t one have a document open and then assign a location? Mail. This, mail, and send too seem to be better fit for a gear tools/settings button/menu.

back is on the top left, legacy from browsers. maybe a bad idea it seems to me for iOS. Back, home (maybe), tags, label, [lock (somewhere on the screen seems like a good idea, helps to indicate RTFs uneditable), move/duplicate/mark as… (in tools)], [words, see also, classify, keywords - maybe some in the main toolbar or others in info/properties button (I’d hate to not have any of them directly accessible on the main toolbar]… would work better.

well, this is really a long process of changing the UI and this is only off the top of my head and some initial questions… How much time does DT spend thinking about things like this?