cloud and SSD local store syncing

General question. I have 2 macbook pros with 5 databases in DevonthinkPro Office. Both are set up to sync via Icloud and also through a local sync store on a 240 GB SSD.

If I make a change in one document on one computer, say change word spelling or add a tag to that document, I can see the database sync and the time of sync update in the sync preferences window on both the icloud and local ssd sync store locations on the first computer.

If I move the ssd to the second computer and then open the DTPO on that computer [which has not been opened since before I changed the document on the first computer] , is there a priority or procedure to sync from the icloud or ssd local sync store first to update the document on the second computer?

I am interested because i have some other databases which are indexed but I will soon move the documents that are indexed into the database on one of the computers. So i was wondering what was the fastest way then to sync the newly modified database with say 5 GB of changed data onto the other Mac book pro. Or, to force it to sync via the local sync store if that is faster.

I did a test with 680 files and it seemed to sync [still ongoing] via icloud and not use the local ssd sync store.

A local sync store will always be faster, so you could disable the iCloud sync if you wanted to use the sotre on the SSD.