Cloudkit Issues

Having some strange issues. I have bonjour on as well as cloudkit. everything seems to sync via bonjour. however, never really got cloudkit to work fully and when trying to to turn on other databases, I get the following errors. Any ideas? thanks in advance!


for some people, for reasons only known to Apple, Cloudkit is unreliable. discussed here often and in Apple developers forums. use something else if you must have an internet-facing sync service. for me Dropbox works.

You’re seeing that message because you’re using a shallow sync, i.e., Download Files: On demand.

If you proceed…

  • If DEVONthink is already syncing to CloudKit, just proceed as the contents would already be there.
  • If DEVONthink hasn’t synced to CloudKit, the Bonjour sync location must still be active if you proceed. The contents will be temporarily downloaded so they can be uploaded to the new sync location.

This is not new behavior.


so, just proceed then w/ bonjour on? nothing will get messed up?
why all the errors in the screenshot? Safe to ignore? when I clear them and they reappear.

Nothing should get messed up. The Bonjour server device - assuming the Mac - has the contents.

why all the errors in the screenshot?

Likely because iCloud is very unreliable at this time.

Safe to ignore? when I clear them and they reappear.

We’d never advocate just ignoring warnings.
Are you seeing any similar warnings in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

no, all databases show no errors and all successfully verified.

In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync : Locations, left-swipe the sync location and choose Verify Thoroughly.
Once it’s finished, a warning triangle will appear on the sync icon in the bottom toolbar. Touch the icon to see the results.

finally getting back to this, but I did what you said, and I still get endless errors. I’ve been keeping cloudkit off which means I can only reliably sync when using bonjour. downside, when I’m out a need a document, i’ve not been able to get it. I’ve googled and seems most answers say that cloudkit and dropbox shouldn’t be effectively different, but then I remember somwhere reading that cloudkit isn’t as reliable. dropbox is too expensive for the amt. of data I have. any idead how I can get this to work w/o errors? best, R

Unfortunately, Apple’s CloudKit and iCloud are unreliable and there are few if any “knobs” to turn make it work when it decides not to work. I wish real life were different.

My best recommendations, if you don’t want to use Dropbox, are:

  • do you really need third party internet sync? When you are away from the local network, is there someone else somewhere depending on you to update DEVONthink? Can the sync wait until you return to your local network?

  • There are probably third party on-the-internet providers of WebDAV services, Perhaps use DEVONthink’s WebDAV compatibility to sync through them?

I use Dropbox “free” account now. I’ve setup only my “works in progress” database to be synced while “out and about”. It’s pretty big but fits inside Dropbox’s free account. When I need “everything” while “out and about”, I simply take the Macbook which has everything. I wait to return to the local network to sync up with the desktop.

thanks for the advice. For me, it’s not the things I can plan for that I want to use this for… I need it randomly when I have to access a document when travelling. I have too many to download all to my device, but in a pinch, I’d need to be able to access them. Cloudkit would be great except for the errors, and dropbox is very expensive to host my whole database.

Well. good luck and i am, i guess, satisfied that you are ok that Apple’s Cloudkit is not going to perform reliably for you.

not satisfied, will likely look into the webdav thing you mentioned, put money down on dropbox, or find some other solution. thanks.

Well, keep Apple Cloudkit running. Might get going sometime.

I do not have issues with iCloud, it is fast and stable. The only app that is has syncing quirks for me is Apple Notes… it’s slow to sync updates, but DT sync are reliable for some time now. I sync about 15 GB of databases to iCloud (using CloutKit), but also use Bonjour sync because it is faster.

I might be lucky off-course, or might be a less heavy user… :slight_smile:

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Yea, the evidence is that it works well for some all the time, or some of the time, or sometimes not at all. The pattern is there but as yet unexplained. certainly here the failures are reported.

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I have had these issues also, but since somewhere beginning this year they disappeared. I did do a cleanup of the sync destination just to beside and re-synced everything.

I believe Apple did comment on CloudKit issues and did some fixing. I’m not sure it is related to these issues, and I am not up to date on recent issues with CloudKit.

We remain cautiously optimistic and are hoping for better things to come from Apple.

Fingers crossed then :slight_smile:

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Exactly. And just to chime in - I never experienced any CloudKit issues so far. Only the iCloud sync of reminders, bookmarks and contacts fails miserably frequently causing outdated, missing or duplicate stuff. YMMV.


thank you all for your help… I decided to give cloudkit one more try. I cleaned it and deleted the app from my iPad and phone. Then I reuploaded everything and am getting an error, 4 items left to be uploaded. I cleared the log and synced again, but the error came back. I can’t tell though which files it’s referring to or how to fix this. Any idead?

p.s. I haven’t tried downloading anything yet and haven’t reinstalled the apps, but am waiting for the upload to be completely finished.