CloudKit sync does not start

I followed the guide when switching from iCloud legacy to CloudKit
> #### If you are only syncing DEVONthink on a Mac…
*> *
> 1. Enable the iCloud (CloudKit) sync location, entering an optional encryption key, if desired.
> 2. Enable databases to sync.
> 3. Make sure the legacy sync location is enabled
> 4. Control-click the iCloud (Legacy) location and choose Clean Location to remove the sync data.
> 5. When the clean has been reported in Window > Log, you can disable or remove the legacy location.

The inbox seems to sync but the database itself not. It sticks for hours on
“Not synced yet, merge with remote database.”

What might I have missed or done wrong?

A screenshot of Preferences > Sync after selecting iCloud (CloudKit) would be useful. In addition, is anything logged to Window > Log?

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Thanks much for the speedy reply. Checking the log did the trick: the database needed to be repaired. All good now, thanks again for the hint

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