CloudKit Sync with Two Macs + one iOS

This may have been covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I feel it’s a very basic question, but I want to confirm before proceeding. I appreciate any guidance.

I currently sync two databases (my one database + Inbox) between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone using the new CloudKit sync. I’d like to add my Air to sync as well.

Can I simply set up CloudKit syncing from the Air, and all three devices will sync easily?

Are there are any limitations / precautions / warnings when syncing two Macs + iOS (via CloudKit or otherwise)?

How are indexed items handled between Macs? Most of my indexed items are local to my MacBook Pro, though there are a handful on Dropbox.

FWIW, I intend to work on only one device at a time. In fact, this is mostly to cover me for a week while I send my MacBook Pro to Apple for repair. After that, I’ll return to working on only one Mac, though it will be handy to have it sync when needed (eg, the day we start traveling again… ).

Adding the sync location and using the same encryption key should be sufficient, afterwards enable the databases which should be synchronized (or import them from the sync location if there are no databases on this computer yet).


Indexed files are synchronized too (except indexed files which are located on volumes, e.g. an external disc, that don’t exist on all computers).

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Thanks! I’ll give this a try today. I appreciate the help!

Update: all seems to be working well. Thanks!