cloudme-Problem (Gateway Timeout)

Today, I have problems to connect with cloudme.
cloudme website login is also not possible

Are anyone knows about actual issues with cloudme WebDav Service?
Is a cloudme Status Server site available?

I don’t have a status link but it certainly seems to be running slowly right now. You should contact their Support, as this is their issue to look into.

Yes, I know that it is a Cloudme problem.
However, because I’m a new cloudme user I was not sure if had made some wrong configuration or it is a CLoudme-server problem.

It seems to be a server outage with CLoudme responsibility. Nothing ist working correctly, forum, website WebDav-access and so on.

I contacted the support this morning but did not receive any feedback.

What is so far the experience with CloudMe stability ?

In my experience, it has been far more reliable and stable than Dropbox or Box. In fact, this is only the second outage I have seen. I’ve personally seen more trouble with the other two services.

Thank you Jim for this helpful informations.

Now, CloudMe seems to work again and I will give it a chance.

I’m testing CloudMe since yesterday and such an outage was like a worst case for my planned scenario.

Now I will using CloudMe for my private DT DB’s and Box for my business DT DB’s


No problem, but do not that no cloud service, even Box, is immune from problems either. Cheers!