CloudMe sync problems


I’m experiencing a couple of problems with sync between DEVONthink Pro and CloudMe that I’d appreciate some pointers/help on:

My Setup:

Mac Desktop - DEVONthink Pro set to sync everything to my CloudMe account
Mac Laptop - same setup as Desktop
iPhone - same setup as Desktop

1 - I’m receiving the following log type entries (multiple) each time a sync is performed on all devices:


File “577802812.040-d891fbb0b4d6e33543ea206b1ada0494293d7e8b-2155299480.manifest” missing of database “Inbox”.

2 - Items added on my laptop are not being synced to desktop or iPhone, but all items added elsewhere do get syned to the laptop.

I’ve tried comparing the settings between Desktop and Laptop but cannot see anything obvious.

Any suggestions or sources for resolving these issues?


Are you able to successfully verify the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) on both Macs?

They both return the following items in the log after selecting Verify Database Quickly option in Preferences/Sync:

Broken or not yet complete data structure of database “893D9F18-C233-48E3-979B-35F4B537526F”.
2 items of database “893D9F18-C233-48E3-979B-35F4B537526F” missing or not yet available.

In that case the sync store seems to be broken. Cleaning it (again via the contextual menu) and uploading the database(s) again will fix this. By the way, which version of DEVONthink do you use?

I’m on v2.11.3.
Just in the process of doing the clean. Do I just need to do that on one machine?

It’s sufficient on one machine (ideally disable the sync on the other machines and on iOS in the meantime)

Thanks, it’s working on both machines now.