Clutter-free capture within DEVONthink

I often do the following:

  1. Clip a webpage clutter-free to DTPO.
  2. Read the webpage in DTPO.
  3. Follow a link on the webpage while still in DTPO.
  4. Attempt to capture the link with the Action menu.
  5. Realize that the Action menu doesn’t support clutter-free capture.
  6. Open the webpage in Safari.
  7. Capture the webpage clutter-free with the web clipper.

Am I missing an option to capture clutter-free from the in-app browser? If so, may I suggest that the option be made more readily accessible? If not, may I suggest that clutter-free capture be added to the in-app browser?


You don’t have to do this. The Clip To DEVONthink function is baked right into the app. It’s under File > Import > Clip To DEVONthink. You can also assign a hotkey to it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts

Check this out: … evonthink/

Ah. I’d tried the action menu and right-clicking. I didn’t think to drill down into the file menu. Thank you.

Maybe the “Clip into DEVONthink” could be made accessible via the action menu?

Thanks again!