Clutter-Free PDFs with no line breaks

I tend to use the one-page Clutter-Free PDFs for import. However, I frequently get PDFs with zero line breaks. The PDF ends up being ridiculously wide (see attached).

It’d be nice to have a way to specify the page width for Clutter-Free PDF imports so the text would wrap.

GitHub - jpgsloan-supergrids- Algorithmic drum sequencer built on droid eurorack platform.pdf (92.7 KB)

There already is, as I mentioned on your other thread: Preferences > Files > Multimedia > PDF Clipping Width. This has been around for several months already.

However, @eboehnisch would have to weigh in on its use with the clutter-free option.

PS: Why are you using clutter-free on GitHub?

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the hint about the new setting – I’d missed it was there and it looks useful.

Just a minor point though: the dialogue says it’s measured in points, but the help file says it’s in pixels. I assume it’s the former as that’s more suited for print output, but can you clarify please?


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A point is a twelfth of an inch (0.2117 cm) if I recall correctly. On an older laser printer, the resolution is 300 pixels per inch (0.00847 cm per pixel). So, a point would be about 25 pixels. Given that huge difference, I’d suggest trying it out – from the result, it should be obvious whether the manual or the dialog is correct. My bet is also on the dialog – @bluefrog?

Aside: May I suggest using a less exotic unit for the clipping width? I suppose that a lot more people know what a centimeter is than how many points make up one centimeter. What would someone enter to have the PDF 21.7 cm (i.e. A4) wide? 21.7/2.54*12 …


Actually, a point is 1/72nd of an inch and a pica (not heard that for a long time) is 12 points, so there are 6 picas to an inch.

In Scrivener I find setting the default editor width to about 540 points is roughly equivalent to the width of a standard manuscript submission page (e.g. A4 paper, 1" margins left and right, Courier 12 pt) - so a line width of about 6.75" inches or 17.15cm (~490 points leaving a small margin of 25 points either side of the editor).

Like you, I assume the measurement in the dialogue box really is in points, but I’m sure Jim will want to clarify one way or the other as IIRC he writes the documentation.

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My excuse: I last used these units about 40 years ago.
In any case, the dialog should use something metric, not an obscure typographic unit.

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Ahhh… I haven’t heard those sweet words in a long time :heart: (And seriously! Many people here may not know it but I spent 32 years in graphic arts and printing :slight_smile: )

And yes, I’ll clarify the documentation. Thanks!