"Clutter-Free" view on Clipper

Problem with http://www.lightreading.com

I frequently clip articles from this site – several times a day – and I find the clutter-free view is broken. All I get is the headline and URL.

See this article for example:

Is there a fix for this that does not involve my contacting the developers and asking them to change the code?

P.S. I’ve been complaining for months that the clutter-free view on DT is terrible but it occurs to me now that this ONE PARTICULAR SITE may be the problem for me!


No, there isn’t a fix for it - at least not at this time. Not all sites can be easily clipped, especially ones like this.

Modifications to the mechanism will come in time, but there’s no way to guarantee all sites can be clipped successfully.

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That exact page is clipped well with my alternative approach: in Safari, click on Reader View, then Print the page (Cmd-P), then send to DT, that clips a perfect PDF.

Agree. I always prefer this method over the clutter-free method in Sorter or the DEVONthink Clipper (same thing). The PDF created as @rfog described almost always have working links within the articles too. I have a KeyboardMaestro macro to speed up @rlog’s process for me. Faster than Sorter.

On those pages that show images on scroll, you must scroll to end before move to Reader View and you get all the images. The only things you don’t get are video thumbnail.

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Note: This is due to the dynamic loading, typically from remote servers. But also notice it’s not a guarantee the images will appear in the final output. Likely? Sure, but not guaranteed.

My last-last resort is, if I really want the images, capture it as Formatted Note and then manually copy/paste them.

Or, if it came from Inoreader (that is in about 90% of the cases), I copy all the text from Inoreader view and paste into a new formatted note and then complete it with images, link to the page and so…

That might be a good solution. I like to clip to a specific group but I’m sure I can find a workaround for that.

You don’t get the URL as metadata on the document that way. But I don’t know that matters.

Also, with the site I referenced above, you don’t get the date of the article. However, printing out the original page as a PDF solves that problem and you don’t get all the animations that make a page more difficult to read in DevonThink.