Cluttered Proximity Search Results

The results returned using the “NEAR” search operator highlights all the search terms rather than just the search terms within the proximity of the query. Going through the Forum archives I found that this was a problem that users complained about back in 2008. Having all the search terms highlighted, especially when a document has many pages, makes it difficult to parse through the clutter to find the terms within the proximity sought. Does anyone have a workaround? If because of programming restrains the superfluous highlighting cannot be eliminated, it would be nice if DEVONthink at least indicate on what page or pages the desired search results could be found.

I agree and I am still finding this a problem, particularly with long PDF’s scanned in. It would be good to know if it possible to get some more refined proximity results.

This problem still persists.

I thought DEVONnote would be the answer to my note problem. This is the single piece of functionality that separates DEVONnote from other note taking apps with regard to recalling data in an efficient manner.

Just came back to see if this has been resolved. Apparently not. Any plans to make proximity searches work with DevonThink? For now, they seem to spit out hits of all the search words, not just hits where the NEAR operator was honored.