Cmd+) and Sorter give me a bit different result

Hi Guys!

Is it supposed to be this way?

When I’m using Cmd+) grabbing some text from a web page, URL field is empty in the document’s properties. But when I drag the same piece of text into Sorter, I have URL field properly populated with URL of the source.

Is this a bug or a feature?

What browser are your using? Command-) always captures the URL when capturing a RTF note from a page in Safari.

Hi Greg!

I’m using Safari and I’m almost certain that it was working the expected way before (URL was there). And I just tried it again and it seems to work. Must have being late last night, but what is really strange is that when I was selecting text and dragging it into Sorter last night, it was getting its name from the first line of the captured text (as expected), but today it’s getting name of ‘TextDrop-XXX’ where XXX is a number that increases with every attempt. And then I try to grab text from another page with Cmd+) and dragging it to Sorter and everything is fine - same name for the document in DTP and URL is there.

I guess, it’s just me at this stage and I need to slow down, relax and try to reproduce what I was seeing last night.

If I manage to reproduce it, I’ll report it here. Otherwise, sorry for the noise.