Cntr-shift-) clipping no longer works in Snow Leopard

When I upgraded to Snow Leopard, my usually clipping from Safari to DTPO using Cntr-Shift-) does nothing. Fortunately, the Bookmarklet “Clipping” still works. Is there something I need to do to get back the keyboard shortcut “Cntr-Shift-)” ?

Thanks for any help.


Snow Leopard disables Services menus for most applications. So go to the Keyboard preferences and enable this Services menu entry there.

Apple made changes in how Services are made available in Snow Leopard.

From the Finder, click on Help and enter the query, Services. You will find information about how to turn them on.

In DEVONthink, click on the application name and choose Services > Preferences.

Scroll down in the list of Services to those for Text. Check such familiar Services as those to capture rich text Command-), capture plain text Command-(, and Lookup Command-/. Checking makes these Services available.

Now, when you select text in an application that understands Services, such as Safari, those keyboard commands will work with your DEVONthink application. Alternatively, you can Control-click on the selection and choose those commands from a list of available Services.

Great. Got the services back. Thanks so very much for your help.


I don’t seem to have any of the DevonThink Services available in the System Preferences selection panel for Services. I don’t remember exactly what was there before, but I know there were a bunch of them in there. I have DTPO and have just installed the latest version today.

See my previous post.

OK, I think I was being thrown off because when I went to the System Preferences pane, none of them said they were for DevonThink. Other apps I’m using (i.e. OmniFocus) have that in the name of the service which is helpful when you end up with a long list of potential services. I do seem to have them working now. Thanks for the help.