Coach/ consultant

Hi All, I’m in desperate need of a consultant. My attempt to migrate all of my databases after I upgraded the app. has been an utter disaster. Files are appearing unreadable, in weird places… total chaos… I really need someone with whom I can do a screen-share… need help going through this one step at a time… Any leads or recommendations on this? I know that there is no longer any official list. Thanks.

I am responding in your support ticket.

thank you! problem seems worse now… b/c when I try to get into app. I’m getting the message that I’m using “too many seats” even though I’ve only used my license on one other machine… now I can’t access any of my files… If I do a search in the finder a thumbnail for the file will come up but I can’t get to it… desperate to get any help I can… :slight_smile:

Okay. Sales may have to be involved in your ticket.

Maybe Steffi could help you. Take an attemp to contact her at

She is very familiar with DT and has a very deep knowlage.
As far as i know she helped a lot of desperate Users.

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I have already resolved this issue in @rafriedman’s support ticket.