Coexist? DTP 1.5 & DTP 2 beta

Haven’t seen this specifically addressed, so to be on the “extra” safe side I’d like to know:

  1. Is it okay to have DTP 1.5.1 and DTP 2.0 beta installed and go back and forth (even if it means closing one and then opening the other)?

  2. Can they both be open at the same time?

  3. Are there any shared Library components or other items, or are the two versions completely distinct and separate. If distinct, then can I test the DTP 2.0 beta and it will not have any impact at all on my DTP 1.5.1 databases?

I will definitely be migrating to DTP 2.0 but want to keep the stability of my current daily workflow with DTP 1.5.1, pounding away creating new 2.0 databases, and making a complete change after the beta period.

Yes, in the sense that they won’t affect the databases created by another version.

No, in the sense that Services and scripts may get confused, in which case it becomes necessary to logout/login to restore Services identity to the proper application.

Yes, but I don’t recommend it. Personally, I zip the application that’s not in use, then delete the actual application and empty the Trash. That makes it relatively easy to restore (unzip), e.g., the DT1 application if one needs to verify or rebuild a DT1 database before conversion.

Christian advised beta testers to delete some of the Library items, e.g., scripts used by DT Pro1, before installing the Add-ons of DT Pro Office2. However, in any case, DT Pro/Office2 will not affect the 1.x databases at all.

I’ve been testing DT Pro Office2 since an alpha version, and by beta 4 (of 7 prior to the public beta) had successfully converted all the databases I normally use in my workflows. My databases have been stable, and I don’t want to give up the search features, tabbed browsing and windows, speed, multiple open databases, etc. that have already spoiled me. But as usual, I recommend keeping backups current.

Note that although a DT2 database cannot be directly converted to a DT1 database, DT2 allows one to export the contents of a database, and DT1 can import those files. However, be advised that Sheets may not convert properly into a DT Pro/Office1 database, as significant changes were made in Sheets. I haven’t confirmed what would happen with a “downgrade” of a DT Pro2 Sheet to a DT Pro1 database.