Collaborating with someone with DEVONthink

I just started using DEVONthink on my Mac and iPad. I love it so far. But I have a lot of research I need to add. These are all PDFs. I’d like to have my assistant add them. What’s the best way to have her do that?

She’s a PC user. (Yuk.) Can I buy Server and host it in the cloud somewhere? If I use DEVONthink server, can I still use the Mac and iOS apps? The website is potentially confusing as it says to set up server and access it via browsers, no mention of using the apps.

Thanks for any advice on collaborating with someone who will be putting in 100s of PDFs for me.


If your main Mac is always on then you can simply run Devonthink Server and keep it always on; your assistant can then login via the web. If you are using the app at the same time your assistant adds items, those will be immediately available to you.

If your main Mac is a laptop which sometimes travels with you, then that will not work so well for this purpose. In that case you might think about a Mac Mini to be your always-on server. Then you can sync your databases between that Server and your laptop.

You not need an AWS or Google Computer or other similar virtual server; those only apply to the Windows or Unix world.

What about a shared folder like Dropbox and then a Hazel rule (or similar automation) to move the file to the DT inbox?

Seems fast, easy, and pretty cheap.

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That would work if any classification or annotation or organization of the documents will be done by @mikecohn . If he wants his staff to help with any of that, then one of the other solutions would be needed.

That is correct as the Server broadcasts specific databases to be accessed via a web browser, not in DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go.

Is she using Windows 11 and what browser?