Collaborative, Multiuser applications

Hi – I know you don’t have enough to do( :open_mouth: :wink: ) but I wanted to suggest some possible new features, and ask if these are likely or unlikely or what?

It would be really cool to be able to open a database in multiuser mode, and allow for collaborative writing and research (ala subEthaEdit).

OK, OK – I know DT cannot be all things, but it does seem like this task fits in with the vision of the program.

or not(!)

I haven’t had the discussion for a long time now, but it is my understanding from previous discussions with Christian that the forthcoming Enterprise Edition will do just as you suggest …

Perhaps someone can confirm whether I’m wrong or right on this.



My memory is the same as yours.

We haven’t discussed the Enterprise Edition in some time, but I’ll be meeting with Eric and Christian later this month and will try to remember to ask about future plans.