_Collapsible_ outlines as Annotations?

Works on macOS, but not from DEVONthink To Go. You will have to navigate to the documents in OO iOS.

Thanks. I figured it could, but I don’t work with indexed files much.


Nor do I, generally speaking - but you’re welcome :slight_smile:

  1. If you index OP folder, there is no need to open OO docs with DTTG, navigating all these numerous folders with doc provider - you just use OO for iOS with its native open/save interface. It’s cool if you want e.g. to create a fast note with OO: long-press - New Document - and you are all set. When you open DT later, you’ll find this note in its respected group in the same state as you left it on the mobile device.

  2. IMO, good practice for all indexed items of this type (shared docs) - is to place them in the Inbox of appropriate DB, and then replicate to other locations. While Inbox will repeat the original location, rep items from there will inhabit the DB in other respected logic. It makes navigation more “conscious”.

Can’t remind details from Omni forums, but I remember discussions on this.
I guess OP has more format-specific options, like expanded/collapsed state, saving algorithms (especially when offline and syncing afterwards) and etc.
Conflict resolution in OP is definitely different from iCloud or Dropbox.

Thanks, this is likely to be a good solution for me, as one of the main issues I have with information distributed across several (or many) different apps is not having that info/data where I can A) remember I have it, B) remember where it’s located (what app, which folder), and C) be able to see related information (which DT3 does very well).

Have you tried this with stuff like Dropbox or Google Drive?

It works great with every service (well except Google Drive, didn’t manage to make it work). For example, if you open the same outline in OO at iOS and MacOS simultaneously and add some text, say, on iPhone, it will appear almost at the same moment on you Mac:

  • OP: on iPhone, to save or update - you press OP icon, with other services - you don’t have this icon, one more evidence, that OP is a “native” service. On Mac - hit “save”.
  • With iCloud you will have to hit “Done” to see immediate updates in DT3.
  • With Dropbox - you will have to close the doc on iPhone and reopen the doc in DT3.

Tried to use DT iCloud sync for OO, IMHO in short - iCloud lives its own life…
If you use DT sync, i.e. save outline in iOS’ OO via document provider right in DT groups, it’s a looooong wait to see this doc at the desktop DT. You will have to open DTTG, wait for it to fully sync, and then go to DT3 and wait there. And every time you need to open and sync DTTG.


  • iCloud DT sync for OO is unusable, and it has no meaning to use it until DTTG will understand OPML format. If OPML will become native, like markdown (i.e. you can view and edit using DT3 and DTTG) - this will be a dream! And be like using iA Writer for complex docs or DT for short notes or view.
  • If you use iCloud Drive directly, or Dropbox, then why not stay with OP, which works seamlessly and has excellent conflict resolution?
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I expect that OP may indeed still have benefits for users that primarily use macOS for content creation, but users that are heavily invested in iOS are going have different needs. If I am working in iPadOS and I want to create an OO document as part of a project contained in DEVONthink, I’m not going to want to wait until I’m using macOS and remember to replicate documents in my databases. I’m going to save that OO document in the respective folder in DEVONthink To Go, even though it it cannot be viewed or edited in DEVONthink To Go and be done with.

FWIW, this process works flawlessly for me. I don’t have problems with conflicts, and the sync updates the current selection, expand/collapse state, etc. Again, OP is still an excellent option but I’ve not encountered any problems or limitations that would give me pause to return to using OP.

In your indexed OP group in DT you can make a folder with your project and replicate it once. All files which you create there (using DT3 or DTTG) will appear there automatically, no further per-file replication needed.

The problem may be just in my setup: I can save outline in DTTG, and I see it there, when I open DTTG, but I still can’t see it in DT3… Syncing goes without mistakes, Verified DB, no errors… What’s going on???

Got it to work finally, after “Verifying Thoroughly”.

As I noticed before, this sync (via DT) is not as flawless… In order to view the changes in DT3, which you made with OO on iPad, you will have to run DTTG and keep it open until sync is done, there are no background sync on iOS (30 sec if I’m correct). And vice versa, if you did something important with your outline on your Mac, and would like to continue on iPad, you will have to open DTTG and wait while it finishes the sync to see if your file changed on DTTG, only after that you may go to OO on the Mac and open this file.

If you changed many files on your Mac, went out with your iPad to where Internet is not so good, you may wait too long for your outline to sync in a big que.

Correct me if i’m wrong.

There is no precedence for syncing one file over others, so yes, if you changed many files they would sync as the sync engine dictates. It wouldn’t sync the OO file any more quickly than another.

And the Background App Refresh is controlled by iOS: when it allows it to happen, how long it allows it to happen, and when to terminate the process. For long syncs, this is insufficient to complete the task in one operation, so DEVONthink To Go being open and frontmost is ideal in that situation.

Sorry if I’m missing something here, but when I enter your example into DT3, it doesn’t render that way, but this way:

/Users/johncreery/Drawing/Screenshots/Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.10.47 AM.png

Could you please tell me what I’m missing?

Have you specified a default stylesheet in Preferences > Media > Style Sheet ?

Yes, but when I took it out, here’s what I got:

/Users/johncreery/Drawing/Screenshots/Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 12.16.23 PM.png

Does this persist if you quit and relaunch DEVONthink?


Jim, I thought that this was me, but maybe not.

If create a new Markdown document, and put the ‘

’ element in it, it doesn’t render, but if I then go out of the doc and back in, it renders the ’
line only, but not the contents. If I then move the contents first line to the left border, go out of the doc and back in, it renders just that line. If I then move one more line to the left border, it then renders that.

Would you be able to have a look?

Sorry, how do I escape the details element? I put it in quotes, but it gummed up my response anyway…

You don’t need to escape them. MultiMarkdown v6 supported HTML elements natively.

This is a brand new file, with no styling set anywhere.

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