Collect all links from selected web document/s (html/webarch

Wonder if it’s possible to use applescript for the text view/preview mode in DTP?

Why I wonder this is that it would be really nice to select any web document that has links and with applescript use the text view mode to copy all the information from the selected web document and finally create a new rtf document with all links it find from the documents/s.

Is this possible to do today?

IIRC, there are several scripts on the forum aleady for this. I remember one from erico a while back. (Feb 2010, I think.)

It is doable. E.G., the “Download Links of Page” script in Scripts > Download could be modified to create an HTML doc with page links in it, and then convert it to RTF.

Very nice korm, I doesn’t thought about the Add links script in scripts download folder…