Collect & copy or move files linked in Table of Contents

Is it possible to do the following:

  1. Create a table of contents from several files (via “Data” > “Create Table of Contents”)
  2. now use the resulting RTF-File (containing the just created Table of Contents) to collect all the linked files and copy or move them – say – to another folder.
  3. And if “2.” were possible, could one do that also outside of DT by again using the RTF-File containing the Table of Contents.


  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. No.

Would it be possible to collect the items in a TOC ? Yes, but not without scripting help. Also, you have to select the items to make a TOC. Why not just group the items then?

As far as it happening outside DEVONthink. Again, not natively - meaning there is no mechanism in the file that would cause a collection to happen.

I think you need to consider a best practices and potential workflows.

@Bill_DeVille: Thanks! But beyond some mere “knowing that” – don’t we need some shared “knowing how” concerning “2.”

@BLUEFROG: Thanks! But why not elaborating on what you have in mind. So far – I definitely don’t get what you’re up to … especially once you write “I think you need to consider a best practices and potential workflows.”

To the point: Imagine someone creating a ToC and adding to it over time. After a certain time one intends to gather all the linked ToC-items and move, copy or replicate them in/to a new group. Why not using a script that would exactly do that – move, copy or replicate all those linked files. If one only knew how to do that … Maybe if there were a script …

Can anyone help?

Your original query had no specific options to comment on, hence my comment about potential workflows, etc. It was a bit broad to comment reliably on IMO. Many things are possible, but having a clear direction is easier to answer.

Copy / Move / Replicate are all possible options (and I have a working core already that replicates to a group called “TOC Collected” in the Inbox fo the current database). Philosophically, some would say: one script per operation (copy / move / replicate). Others would say: one script should have all the options.

Also, your thought about collecting outside the database is interesting.
Also, also… you could process the TOC in other ways, like adding Tags for Smart Group operations.

I’m curious if you have a specific use case. Cheers!


Given that Copying / Moving / Replicating are all possible options, for simplicity’s sake we should hence focus on the Replicating-Option.

Let’s imagine a FILE “Table of Contents” consisting of 3 numbered list-items:

  1. Test01.pdf
  2. Test02.rtf

Each of the 3 numbered underscored list-items links to a definite FILE somewhere within the database. Let’s say: Test01.pdf resides in a group named “Private”; Test02.rtf in a group named “Business” and in a group named “Archive”.

Now, all I’m asking for is a script or something like it, that allows for Replication of the FILEs Test01 through Test03 into a new group say “Results” – namely on the basis of the numbered list-items from the FILE “Table of Contents”.

How am I supposed to do that?

Your group called “TOC Collected”-Workflow seems to suggest something like that. Problem is: You did not spell out how to proceed.