Color Control

Hi, I just wanted make a suggesting. It would be really nice to change the background color of the DT main window to something other than bright white. It write a lot, and it helps to use colors that are easier on the eyes. It really notice a difference.

This is something that has been possible in the Finder for a long time, hopefully it wouldn’t be very difficult to implement in DevonThink.

Finder window background colorization applies only to icon view, I believe. Is that what you’re suggesting for DEVONthink – only colorizing icon view?

Well, I think that’s where it would make the biggest difference. For example, browsing thumbnails of images or videos. Personally, I would enjoy color customization in any view. I do most of my writing in Scrivener and I really like that I can change the background color while I write. It’s a popular feature, although Scrivener has more options that I would ever use.