Color labels

please design color labels consistently with the OS X UI - the label should be applied on the text, not icon. thanks, your happy user.

It’s almost like you were in my head last night as I suffered a terrible nightmare about what would screw DTP up the most :stuck_out_tongue:

(I feel bound to respond with righteous horror to this and your other suggestion, lest this be somehow implemented while the developers are drunk and playing “Forum Roulette”)

I personally prefer the label to be applied to the icon rather than the text, and the reason is that the OS X implementation of labels is atrocious.

The DEVON developers have solved those problems. OS X should be more like DEVONthink, in other words.

i still think the os x way is more recognizable and just looks much much better. and – having devonthink use the same way of labeling would make me so happy :wink:

Ugh. Not me. I find that labels in OS X work exactly the opposite as intended. When I highlight something and then try to view it in a list later, inevitably my eye skips over that horrible jelly bean shape.



if I remember well the labels were the OS X way in the beginning, but a lot of users (me included) complained.

In fact, I do not use labels in the Finder because they are so disturbing.


I agree that labels are very confusing in OS X.

The labels I created prior to OS X now look terrible!

Following Apple on this would be a mistake.