Color of Groups/Folders SOLVED

This is a really dumb question…just started using the product.

I have divided my stuff into two categories:

  • Materials created in Powerpoint and Word and other Msoft stuff is indexed to DTP
  • Everything else that is notes and research and clippings etc is in the DTP database…some of those items originated in the Finder/file system as Folders and were imported to DTP.
  • In DPT, the Groups/Folders that are indexed are blue and the Groups/Folders that were imported are yellow. This really helps me keep them separate in my mind along with the icon for indexing
  • But there is an exception that is driving me crazy. Two of the folders that are indexed from the Finder are yellow instead of blue. Any idea why and is there a way to change their color so I don’t get confused?

Thanks in advance…BTW, this is a truly amazing product. It has changed the way I research and take notes ENTIRELY…and much for the better. I am just getting started but this is clearly the Mercedes of research tools!!

-Paul Callahan

Thank you for the nice feedback! Yellow groups are used for tagging, blue groups are excluded from tagging (e.g. indexed folders by default). This can be changed via the contextual menu or via the Info panel.

Excellent! I just marked those groups/folders as “exclude from tagging” and they turned blue.

Thanks (hopelessly perfectionist)