Colouring replicants

I’m red/green colour-blind, so unfortunately the fact that replicants appear in red type in lists is of no help to me. At normal font sizes I am not capable of distinguishing the red type from the black. Is there any way I can globally colour-label replicants so that they stand out a little more from ordinary files? Any (useful!) suggestions gratefully received.

Best wishes,
Martin BB.

The additional cue for replicants, in addition to the red color, is that their names are in italic.

However, see Preferences > General - Appearance. Uncheck “Mark duplicates and replicants in color”. A small icon indicates duplicate or replicant. Try it to see if that helps.

Many thanks, that does indeed help. It’s a shame to lose the blue for the duplicates, as that was very visible, but never mind. I think the replicants are more important for me at this stage.

Incidentally, replicants do not show in italics in my database.

As an additional thought, I wonder how difficult would it be for the developers to make it possible for the user to choose the colours for duplicates and replicants. There must be others in my position (if not worse off), and sometimes small tweaks like this can make a lot of difference to usability for some people. But I know that sometimes these apparently small things can take a lot of work to implement.

Thank you once again,
Martin BB.