Column order not retained

I’m going slightly mad… I think. In a global Smart Group I have just added a custom metadata column to the list view (view: navigate, as list, standard, in the list above preview config). I then moved the newly added column to be next to the column headed “modified” by dragging it. That worked; however, the view is not retained when I leave the group and then come back - the newly added column ends up being the last at the right again. Activating “Retain view” in the preferences makes no difference.

Examining further, I found the same behaviour in a group inside a database using standard (e.g. created) columns. Equally the column width is not retained.

I’m sure the order and width of the columns used to be retained? Am I going :crazy_face:?

DT 3.5.1 on 10.15.5 (19F101)

This seems to be a bug, the next release should fix this.

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Like @Blanc I was going slightly mad. FYI, the 3.5.2 does indeed fix it.Thanks for that!