Column type visible in exported sheets column title cells

The added sheet functionality is really nice, but there is a problem when sheets are exported. The column type is visible in the column title following a hash tag, e.g. “column1#text”. When exporting this can be removed, but when you embed the sheets directly into multimarkdown files creating previews with for example Marked, it is problematic.

This defines actually the type of the column. How do you exactly embed the sheets in Markdown documents?

it is problematic.

And please clarify this statement.

That statement is just me not expressing myself clearly. No excuse for that of course. The way I most commonly use the MultiMarkdown embed feature is whilst writing in Ulysses, previewing and typesetting using Marked 2, and embedding sheets from DEVONthink. I use the MultiMarkdown Transclude Syntax described here It works like a charm, apart from the type of the column now being included. Perhaps this is then a matter for MultiMarkdowns Fletcher Penney?

No worries!
@cgrunenberg would have to weigh in on supporting MultiMarkdown 6’s file transclusion.

DEVONthink 3 should support everything supported by MultiMarkdown.

Transclusion isn’t working.

File Transclusion

File transclusion is the ability to tell MultiMarkdown to insert the contents of another file inside the current file being processed. For example:

This is some text.


Another paragraph

If a file named some_other_file.txt exists, its contents will be inserted inside of this document before being processed by MultiMarkdown. This means that the contents of the file can also contain MultiMarkdown formatted text.

Here’s an example in DEVONthink 3…

Same here. It does not work in DEVONthink’s preview, but it works when Marked2 is previewing the same file in the same location.

This isn’t supported (yet) as this is based on directory contents, therefore indexed items might support this first.

it works when Marked2 is previewing the same file

Note: Marked is using its own processing and implementation. Just an FYI.

@cgrunenberg… as a follow-up, with an indexed file: