Column View Font not sticking

Version 2.8.10

Changes to default font in Preferences have no effect, even after relaunch or restart. Suggestions?

What default font? There are several options available.

Works fine here. Just to confirm, you do know that this preference sets the font for the ‘View>As Columns’? Just asking because some users have thought that it should change the font in the columns in the Three Pane view, which is actually set with the List View Font option.

Not sure what you mean by “several options available”. The Preferences pane has a Select button, which open up the font menu. From there it appears that I can choose any font I wish. What am I missing here?

Thank you, that was the source of my confusion.

Still struggling with font selection. Regardless of font chosen, some titles, in both columns, appear in a condensed font (hard to read) and others appear fine. Please see attached. Any ideas?

It’s an OS X issue-see DTPO 2.8.8 Name field compressed