column width not sticky?

I work in Vertical Split view and have the columns titel and comment visible. I prefer a wide titel and narrow comment column, so I drag the separator line accordingly. But it seems that DTP does not remember this setting when re-opening the database. Each and every time I have to adjust the columns again.
Did I overlook something? Is it a bug or a feature?


Have you set Preferences to remember the windows that were open on quit?

Yes. And they open. But it seems that DTP only remembers the window, its root, view and which columns. Neither the width of the columns nor the search (if any) nor the displayed document are remembered.


Search windows are not remembered. Selections in view windows are not remembered.

But I always have several view windows open, and with different column widths in some of them. Example: I can set my top level Vertical Split view with a wide Names column, so that I can easily read the names of groups. But the Vertical Split view of my Incoming group has a narrower Names column, as I want to read documents in that view. If I switch from Vertical Split to Three Panes and then back again, the columns widths are remembered.

When I quit and relaunch DT Pro Office, the column widths I had set are remembered. If I have opened documents in their own windows, they are also remembered and reopened, including their window size and placement.


Do you have only the name column or do you have comments or other columns visible as well?


I have set all my view windows and document windows size and placement so that there’s space on the right side of the screen for my Info panel.

So for every window the Info panel is always visible, including the Comment field. In the Info panel I can click to the right of the Path field to Launch Path, and to the right of the URL field to Launch URL.

I’m happy with this setup both on my 15" MacBook Pro and my 24" monitor for my Power Mac g5.

That is the difference. I need the comments in the left pane of the vertical split view. I use them for date and time of the scene described in the file and it is important to see this for the whole outline not only for one item (file).

Back to the column width:
it seems that DTP preserves the width of the panes (hierarchy list/ vie edit pane) but not the width of the columns within the left hierarchy pane.


The setup I described would let you see the dates and times in the Comment field associated with a group, and of any selected item contained within a group.

No, the column widths that I set are preserved next time a view window opens, as well as the size and placement of the view window. That’s a window that I leave open all the time.

Something strange is going on here. It seems that sometimes the width sticks, like you say. And sometimes it is reset. But I can’t find out why. I think I have to investigate a little bit more …

Thanks for your response so far.


This is an old thread, but I came across it while searching for a solution to my problem. I find that on reopening a database, the column widths do not stick. I always shrink the column width of the Date Modified column to give more room for the document name, but the Modified column opens to full width whenever the database is reopened. Quite annoying. Is there a solution?


Which view do you use? In addition, the upcoming version 2.0.7 will improve the handling of date columns.

DTPO 2.0.6 in Three Pane view.

In case you’re interested in checking out the latest internal build of the upcoming version 2.0.7, just send me an email. Thanks!

Thanks for the offer Christian. A couple of years ago, I probably would have taken it up. Right now however, data security & time efficiency are my top priorities.

Thanks again.