Columns in sheets mysteriously merged

I’ve not used sheets much and just created a simple sheet with two columns, one labeled Quotes, and the other, Source. I entered my data, about 25 or 30 rows, and then started sorting the material by clicking on the header row for a given column.

The next thing I knew, the columns had merged into a single column: Quotes" "Source. I can no longer sort by Source. I can’t find a command for merging columns of a sheet anywhere and don’t know what I did. What happened and can I get my sheet back to my original of two separate columns?


I couldn’t reproduce what you described, but did you try an undo?

Yes, I tried to Undo, but the menu command was grayed out.

It’s not surprising that you couldn’t duplicate the problem, because I have no idea what I did, so my post wasn’t very clear. I fixed it manually—the sheet wasn’t too large—but will be on the lookout for this as I do more work with sheets.


It’s a rare issue of v2.0.2 which will be fixed by v2.0.3.