Columns order changed from DTPO1 to DTPO2

I noticed that the column order in all my sheets has been changed so that the “comments” column which was last is now first and a column for “Url” has added. This is not good. Any fixes?

I’ve figured out a workaround for this.

Within DTPO 1, convert all the sheets to plain text files. Export as Files. Within the finder, change the file extension to .tsv from .txt. Import the files (along with the Devontech_Storage file) into DTPO 2.

So, I guess I know HOW to workaround this, but I’m unclear on what is happening with the sheets when they are exported from DTPO 1. If I just export it as a file from DTPO 1, the first line (with the column headings) becomes:

"_dtName_"	"_dtComment_"	"_dtURL_"	"Age"	"Sex"	"Occupation"	"Place of Birth"	"School"

If I convert to plain text, or export from DTPO2, the first line is:

Name	Age	Sex	Occupation	Place of Birth	School	Comment

So, why do I have dtComment & dtURL in there when I export from DTPO1?