Columns resize when navigating between groups

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I just noticed that in DT 3.6.3, the columns resize when navigating between different groups or databases in the sidebar. It happens with all databases/groups, but not when navigating between smart groups.

In the video, you can see that the name column shrinks, while the tags column grows with every view of the group/database.

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Thanks for the report! We will look into this.
What OS are you runnning?

PS: Using punctuation like square brackets in a file or database’s name is not suggested. Sticking to dots, hyphens, underscores, and spaces is the safest bet.


I use Big Sur 11.2.1.

I didn’t notice this behavior before DT 3.6.3.

PS: Does this refer to groups/folders as well? I can change the database name, but changing all my groups/folders and their smart rules might be an issue.

Groups don’t exist in the filesystem, so it should be okay.
Exporting the groups would retain the characters and won’t blow up anything. However, we suggest caution in filenaming to ensure broader compatibility across most common filesystems.

Thank you for the explanation. I also name all my Finder folders with square brackets because of the added dimension that something like a hyphen or underscore can’t provide.
Regarding compatibility across filesystems, if I only use macOS and iOS, is this actually necessary to change? I really like those brackets.

Do you use Dropbox or have an NAS?

No, just iCloud Drive and local drives, formatted as HFS+ and APFS (no NFS).

It not necessary, just generally safe. If it suits you in this instance, feel free.

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The next release will fix this.

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Thanks for looking into this @cgrunenberg, but the current version 3.7 still has this issue.

The behavior is only fixed for the Global Inbox database.

When navigating groups in the sidebar of any other database, the colums still resize, even though it seems like they do this slower now.
In the video below, it’s visible that the name column shrinks, while the tags column gets bigger.

Thank you for the screencast, the next release will finally fix this.

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