com.devon-technologies.get in using too much energy

Since two days I have the com.devon-technologies.get process (or whatever it is) alerting me i the tool much energy usage. Battery drains too fast when lid closed (and open), and that process is using about 0.2 of cpu (I know is not much but seems when machine is idle, it increases -if not, it wont appear in the too much usage energy battery warning).

Currently I’ve completely closed DTPO to check if my battery drains when MBP is in standby.

Any idea about this?

Thanks in advance.

Does this persist after rebooting the machine?

Not tested yet.

What I’ve done is suspend the mac with the program completely closed and battery lasted all the night at 100% when before was about 15-20% each suspended night.

Now I’m going to do a machine reboot and suspend it with the program loaded (I mean, program in memory -blue dot on but not open. ).


After a machine reboot it seems resolved.


Glad to hear it. Yeah, a reboot often cures many ills. We suggest rebooting a machine at least once a week, just to be kind. :wink: :smiley: